Digital Information Expert
  • Building Trust Requires Knowing All the Rules

    RitterMapI am a digital information expert who specializes in knowing how and why people trust digital information. Because I know how to find and organize all of the rules that matter, I help companies, lawyers and investigators do a better job of evaluating, building, and improving their digital assets.

    Without trust, information moves more slowly, and finding the truth can create huge economic losses. [Read More]

  • Why Professionals Use My Training

    We are witnessing a 21st century transformation in how we seek and use knowledge.  Those “born digital” expect to find answers to their questions visually—on-line, through point-and-click discovery, unrestrained by the formal boundaries of chapters, textbooks or course outlines.

    But professional training in fields such as IT, law, information security, and records management remains locked in the 20th century:

    • Course notebooks are still distributed, to gather dust on the bottom shelf.
    • Visual slides deliver “death by bullet point”.
    • The learning experience ends when the teacher stops, with no real tools you can immediately use to do your job better.

    I transfer knowledge through visual-based tools--maps that connect to how we learn and work in the 21st century.  My RitterMaps adapt mindmapping technology to visually present the structure, context and relationships among all of the rules and the risks. 

    When you leave my training, your RitterMaps become the weapons and tools that are in your hands. Truly each map is a picture worth far more than a thousand words (and more).  

    That is why my training is so effective.

  • Why I Coach Information Governance

    CIOs, corporate lawyers, and executives in audit, compliance, records management and information security—all must work as a team to effectively govern a company’s most valued asset: its digital information. 

    Doing so can be hard, but it is not impossible. To succeed, you must be able to understand the language of other team members, identify their priorities and navigate all the rules each stakeholder must execute.

    Outside consultants to whom you might turn will focus on just one sector—law, information security, records, finance. They cannot see, and help you understand, and navigate through, the whole picture. 

    Often they will say the most famous two words that every busy executive or manager despises: “It depends.”  And try to convince you to hire them (and a team of juniors and staff) on a long-term project to figure out all the possible answers. 

    What you need is someone with real experience who can see the whole picture quickly, someone who understands the different vocabularies and rules you must navigate.

    Those I coach have the required professional talent, like any decent athlete. What I deliver is the objective knowledge and independent insight that help you discover the path forward, better identify and navigate all of the rules, and provide more effective leadership to your teams.

    That is the winning difference my coaching delivers to you.

Digital Information Expert